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How long will it take to get a visa to India?

Planning to travel in a foreign State whether for business or vocation can be a very stressful considering all the preparations you need to do. Getting a visa can take several days, weeks or months as it can go through very cumbersome processes and if you don’t start early enough you can run short of time.

India, like any other country requires all foreigners to get a visa before they set of for their journey. So if your planning to travel to India the first question that will probably pop up in your mind is how long will it take to get a visa to India?

Types of visa

People travel to India for different purposes and every purpose requires a special visa. There are different categories for visas namely:

  • Student visa for those who are going to study in recognized academic institutions in India.
  • Tourist visa for those who are visiting India for recreational activities, sightseeing and visiting friends or family. Tourist visas are valid for only six months and are non-extendable and you cannot transfer them either.
  • Business visa for those traveling to India for business conferences, meetings or exhibitions. Business visas do not permit you to work in India and are valid for either six months or one year.
  • Employment visas for those who are going to work in India. If your being accompanied by your family they are also required to get entry visas.


First, there are several requirements that you must meet for you to obtain a visa to India. You must possess a valid international travel document. The Visa applicant is also required to fill and sign a copy of an application document before submitting to either Indian Visa Application Centers or Indian Mission. You are also required to attach copies of your passport photos and your state identification copy.

How to apply

There are online websites that allow you to apply for visas online. You can also apply in person by making an appointment with local visa processing service providers or mail your documents through a postal address.

Once you meet all visa application requirements, it will take about one to two weeks for your visa to be processed and you can pick it in person or have it sent to you via postal address or carrier services. However, sometimes visa applications to India can take longer times depending on the type of visa and the State where you reside from.

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