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How long can you stay on a tourist visa in Myanmar?

Myanmar provides with the opportunity to enter the country basis on visa submitted online for citizens of many countries. Depending on the country of residence, you will need to clarify specific rules and the possibility of visa submission. Visa processing in Myanmar does not require many papers and can be given in the frameworks of a very short period.

Not spending a plenty of time for visa issues is a great advantage while choosing which country to visit next time. Moreover, there so many companies around the world offering amazing tours and a bunch of other useful services in Myanmar for a long stay.

About tourist visa in Myanmar

Tourist Visa can be granted to those individuals with the purpose of travel, visiting friends or relatives, participating in the events related to charitable or cultural purposes. The period of validity of such kind of visa can last up to three months from the issuing date and the period of stay in the country is around one month, to be more specific 28 days.

There is also a possibility to use a period of 90 days, which is given for visa usage but not the intention to enter Myanmar during this particular period so far.

Children aged 7 are not required to be issued a separate visa
The interesting fact is that children aged 7 are not required to be issued a separate visa if they are indicated in the parents’ passports. Children more than 7 years old, though, are required to apply for a separate visa. As a general practice, children traveling with one of the parents are required to have a notarized certificate of another.

Request stay permit

In case foreigner decides to stay on a tourist expiring Myanmar visa, one will have to request stay permit. It can be either a document allowing you to stay on a tourist visa for a short period from 1 day up to 3 months or a document for a long stay from 3 months up to 1 year. If visitor dwells in the republic, he/she is going to be fined up to $5 per every day. Those entering the Myanmar across Yangon, Mandalay or Naypyidaw airports, it is possible to get a visa through online services so far.

If you submitted documents for a tourist visa online, you will get a confirmation letter allowing for a single entry in Myanmar. In order to get a multi-entry visa, there is a requirement to go to Myanmar embassy for residents of some countries.

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