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ETA visa for The Cambodia

The Ministry of Foreign Affairs and International Cooperation of The Kingdom of Cambodia announced the e-visa facility through a press release a few years ago. Just what is a Cambodia e visa? The e-visa facility was officially called as ETA (Electronic Travel Authority), since it provides an authorization to the tourists to enter The Kingdom of Cambodia.

In the past there was a lot of political instability and the country also faced dictatorship, but in today’s modern world it is trying to improve politically and economically. For almost a decade now tourism in Cambodia has increased and helped in strengthening it’s relationship with rest of the world. Keeping all that in mind the government took a step forward in 2014, to ease out the visa procedure for tourists visiting Cambodia.

Ways to apply for a Cambodian visa.

Tourists can apply for a traditional visa which is a stamp inside the passport. Of course the visitor should have a passport with a validity of 6 months at the time of travel, so accordingly the visa should be applied. Passport must also have enough blank pages to put the stamp. For more information in case of a traditional visa the applicant need to contact the nearest Cambodian Embassy and Consulate.The other option is getting a visa-on-arrival at the immigration checkpoints of specific airports and border gates.

If the mode of travel is by air:

  • Phnom Penh International Airport
  • Seam Reap International Airport

If the mode of travel is by road:

  • At Cambodia-Thailand Border it is Poipet International checkpoint, Cham Yeam International checkpoint, O’smach International checkpoint, Anlong Veng International checkpoint, Pailin International checkpoint and Daung International checkpoint.
  • At Cambodia-Laos Border it is Trapaing Kreal International checkpoint.

For visa-on-arrival travellers must hold a six months valid passport, one 4*6 recent photograph with white background, visa fees of 30 USD in cash, a return confirm flight ticket or a valid visa for onward journey in case of road travel and proof of sufficient funds for the stay through bank statements, credit card copy or 500 USD in cash.
The most preferred option of getting Cambodian visa is e-visa.

This is an electronic visa which is issued and stored electronically. This is the fastest and most convenient method of obtaining visa where the traveller need not submit the original passport to embassy. Tourists just need to fill the online visa form, apply it and pay for it online. A colour or black and white passport size photo has to be uploaded along with the form. Applicants will receive the visa via email in 3 business days, which they are required to print out and bring along with them to Cambodia. This procedure reduces all possibilities of delay.

E-visa holds a validity of 90 days from the date of its issuance, but the duration of stay in Cambodia is 30 days only. It is valid for single entry. The stay can also be extended beyond 30 days by applying for an extension of visa at the immigration counter outside Phnom Penh Airport. This visa extension is for another 30 days. If the visitors do not apply for an extension then their per day overstay costs 5 USD.

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