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Expanding your knowledge base: 10 wide-scope tech blogs you should already be following

TechCrunch is another exceptionally popular blog that is updated daily and focuses on social media, the tech industry giants such as Apple and Microsoft, and mobile trends.

Daring Fireball

Daring Fireball is the personal blog of John Gruber – an opinionated Apple fan, who must read every tech article in every newspaper every day. He updates multiple times a day, and always has insight on the latest news in the tech world.


Asymco is updated daily and provides readers with an insight to the mobile market with statistics, charts and other statistical data.


Graphicology focuses on advertisements and promotions in the media, and analyzes the strategies behind them.


Gigaom brings you all the latest news with focus on mobile, Apple, cloud computing, and other new trends.

Nxtgn +

Nxtgn + is a well-built Tumblr blog by Peter Petrovski that posts news and opinions about the latest in technology, social media and marketing.

Tech Spotlight

Tech Spotlight, another Tumblr blog, is a little hit or miss. But aren’t we all? There are some irrelevant posts, but the majority focus on cool new advancements and news in the tech industry.


Though not updated daily, provides readers with fairly in-depth articles about the newest trends on the internet from browser vulnerabilities, to conferences and workshops. They have even broken stories long before well-read newspapers such as the New York Times.


FlowingData is one of the more fun blogs – finding a way to analyze nearly anything in terms of the math and statistics behind the data.

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