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How do I apply for an Australian visa?

Are you thinking of moving to the magnificent land of kangaroos, or you are just a lone traveler or a solo adventurer seeking some new terrains to explore? Could it also be that you find yourself grounded wondering “how do I apply for an Australian visa?” Well, we are here to help you that the Australian visa may not be an obstacle in your way!

Depending on your purpose of entry into Australia, there are three available visas that you could easily access the application documents online, be it tourism or commercial. These three, however, do not apply to you if you are a traveler seeking medical attention or simply transiting through Australia.

In order to be able to apply for the visitor’s visa online

This could be: Electronic Travel Authority (subclass 601) visa, eVisitor (subclass 651) visa or Visitor visa (subclass 600) visa, you as the applicant, ought to be able to understand the requirements of each visa and what it necessitates. This will enable you to then, decide which visa you would be eligible for.

One common requirement noticed, regardless of whichever visa you will be seeking, is that the visa applicants ought to be outside Australia and holders of passports from their respective countries. The countries that you are from will, therefore, also enable you to understand which visa you will be entitled to.

Do take note however that for the subclass 601 visa, if you find yourself not befitting to apply for the visa, do not despair as you could still find the possibility to apply through a travel agent, if you prefer your own private travel agent, the immigration offices, your preferred airline or even through a specialist service provider.

In subclass 651, holders of certain passports solely will find themselves not capacitated to apply for this visa even if their countries qualify them; these are British National Overseas passport holder, British Dependent Territories Citizen passport holder, British Overseas Citizen passport holder, British Protected Person passport holder or British Subject passport holder.

Points to take caution

It is also essential for you to note that you can also be able to get a visa application form at the Australian Visa Application. Depending also on the visa type that you will have selected, there will be more often than not, accompanying documents that will be demanded so ensure their availability.

This will enable prevention of delays and efficiency for those processing the information provided. As for the application of all visas, the same applies when it comes to the application of the Australian visa that you should not proceed to make any flight bookings or commit to the travel before the communication on the decision of the visa application.

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