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7 things I wish I knew before going to Myanmar

If you love trips, then there are things you don’t want to miss out and Myanmar is one of the tourist sites growing fast that you will like to go. The country is still inhabited, hence it is very easy to recognize the few upcoming changes. There are many remarkable things you must know before going to Myanmar.

1. When entering Pagodas and Religious Places you must Remove your Footwear

You are required to remove your shoes while entering the sacred places. Therefore, you need to carry with you flip-flops for the much days you want to enter the Pagodas and sanctuaries. Ensure you take a plastic bag with you for storage.

2. Passing Things and Eating with Left Hand is Not Allowed

It might sound funny but in Myanmar, giving things to people or eating with the left hand is believed to be ill-mannered and that the hand is mostly used in the washrooms.

3. Never Point or Aim Your Feet at Buddha

This kind of posture is not allowed, considered a bad behavior

4. The Red Stains on Burmese Teeth and the Ground are Known as Betel Nut

Betel Nut is a tobacco that is very addictive, the locals chew it, and it produces a buzz. It has a bitter flavor, and when chewed, it triggers the mouth to salivate hence the red stains found on the street. The teeth also remain stained; vendors of this nut are mostly spotted on the sidewalk wrapping them up ready for sale to people passing along.

5. Burmese is the Most Spoken and Written Language, also Means Numbers

Although some Burmese can speak in English, numbers in Myanmar are Burmese. Therefore if you are planning to board a local bus, you are required to carry hotel’s business card to show the taxi driver so that it will be assisted with ease. With instances of directions and addresses, you will need a resident to write for you the direction details in Burmese just in case you are lost.

6. Key Burmese Words you Must Know

When you want to tour a new place or country, it is paramount to learn some words or phrases used in greetings and showing gratitude. Before visiting Myanmar, learn these expressions in Burmese.

7. The Dried Yellowish Makeup Burmese Put On is Known as Thanaka.

Thanaka is a cosmetic cream used by the local women; it has been in use for over 2000 years. It is not only used for cosmetic, but it also has medicinal values. It is used to cool sunburns and inflammation of acne. The cream is extracted from a tree bark, grounded and mingled with water resulting to paste.

Having known all these things, you will never be disappointed in Myanmar; you will want to visit the place once again!

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